Is the Regular Strength 5-Hour Energy Shots Keto Friendly?

The main thing that makes a drink keto-friendly is the absence of Carbs (also called Carbohydrates). Regular Strength 5-hour energy shots have a total absence of carbs. It doesn’t even have 0.0001 gram of carbs in it so, you can definitely use it in your Keto diet.

We would give you a heads up though, this energy drink has artificial sweetener, and depending on your body, it may or may not work for you.

Ingredients and Nutrients

Regular Strength 5-Hour Energy

Just like any other energy drink,

the 5-hour energy shot is filled with Niacin and Vitamin B. Niacin is a very good nutrient for your digestive and nervous system. We know that there are different kinds of Vitamin B, this product is particularly very high in Vitamin B6 which is a good thing, It also has an ample supply of Vitamin B12.

You can use this energy drink every once in a while. We recommend you to use it when you are done working out and are in need of an extra energy boost.

Sugar Level

Sucralose is an FDA approved Artificial Sweetener that is used in this energy drink. There are many other artificial sweeteners with serious side effects but Sucralose is a bit different. It is supported by people from all around the world and by studies done everywhere.

There is a chance that this sweetener could cause slight problems for a few people but the data is really minimum on that. This mainly happens when there is an overconsumption of energy drinks.

Bottom Line: Is the Regular Strength 5-Hour Energy Shots Keto Friendly?

On a scale of 5 with 0 being non-keto and 5 being ultra keto, we would give this energy drink a score of 4. This means that the energy drink extremely ketogenic and if you are wanting to include it in your diet, you can definitely do it without thinking twice. Just don’t over consume the energy drink and you should be fine.