Pan Fried Sea Bass Recipe

There are multiple ways to cook a Sea Bass. You can use the oven for it, you can just deep fry it, roast it, make fish balls, the choices are endless. But today, we are not doing something too fancy. We are trying to provide you a simple Pan-Fried Sea Bass recipe that you can … Read more

Irish Car Bomb Recipe | An Offensive Name

The Irish Car Bomb is a classic drink that you can enjoy at bars and pubs around the world. Due to the history behind the name, many bartenders prefer other names like the Irish Slammer or the Irish Bomb Shot. We recommend you also use one of these alternatives while asking for this drink. Some … Read more

Lemon Macaron Recipe

Lemon Macaron is one of the best Macaron dishes that you can eat in Spring. It is made with a Shell which is almost like a waffle/biscuit and it is filled with different flavors. The commonly used flavor, as you might have guessed, is lemon vanilla. Thus, the name Lemon Macaron Lemon Macaron is a … Read more

Rockfish Recipe | Try at Your Home

Rockfish is one of the most consumed seafood in the California area and even in Japan! Yes, the entire Pacific rim is filled with Rockfish and there are plenty of ways to cook a Rockfish. Today we are going to be providing you a very good Rockfish recipe with Lemon Sauce. It is one of … Read more

Strawberry Sauce Recipe

Strawberries are one of the most consumed fruits in the world. The delicious texture of strawberry is just amazing to the tongue. And the flavor of strawberry can be found everywhere. From ice-cream, chewing gums, cakes to soft drinks, sauces, and juices, strawberry is one of the most used flavors in the world. So, today … Read more