Is Ranch Keto Friendly In 2022?

The ranch is used as a dressing for salads or as a dipping sauce for things like chicken wings. Today, we will be showcasing you the keto properties of Ranch dressings and see if the product is Keto friendly or not. So, without any delay let us get started!

Ingredients and Nutrients


There are different ranch dressing brands with their own sets of nutritional information. Most of the brands that sell ranch dressing have a net carb of 3 grams so

, they can definitely fit your keto diet. You should always avoid low-fat ranch dressings.

In a keto diet, natural fat is very important. As far as nutrients go, Ranch Dressings have a good combination of good fat, sodium, and a bit of protein as well.  Most of them contain around 15 to 20 grams of natural fat.

If you don’t want to consume branded ranch dressing, you can make a homemade version too. This is also very keto-friendly. To make this homemade version, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Replace the traditional ingredient buttermilk with sour cream. This will provide you with reduced carbs and increase the fat content.
  • Mix the ingredients such as Sour Cream, Mayo, Whipped Cream (unsweetened), Parsley in a blender, and there you go. A perfect keto-friendly ranch dressing.

Sugar Level

Ranch dressings can be made sweet and most of the brands do make it a bit sweet but you can get past that by selecting the one with keto-friendly sweeteners. Even better,

you can follow our recipe and make an unsweetened version of the ranch dressing. Anyway, Sugar level isn’t something to be worried about here.

Bottom Line:  Is Ranch Keto-friendly?

Yes. In general, Ranch dressing is definitely a keto-friendly food product, Just make sure that you select the best brand for it. Also, you need to avoid low-fat versions. You can eat Natural fat but the carbs level should below.