Is Pickle Keto Friendly In 2022?

The question of Pickles being Keto is very debatable. There are two main thoughts in it with no middle ground. The first one being that Pickles are very much keto. And the other one is that they are not keto. The difference between these two opinions is because of the ingredients involved. Let us dissect the arguments and see whether pickles are keto or not.

Ingredients and Nutrients

Pickles Keto

The first argument is for pickles being keto. Pickles have low carbs which is a primary foundation for the diet. There are some pickle brands that have a maximum of 1 gram of carbs per serving.

So far so good right? In terms of sugar, there aren’t a lot of sugary variants of pickles so, you can throw that out of the window. Bu then, what is the counter-argument? Well, it has everything to do with lectins.

Lectins are proteins found in plants that can cause inflammation and weight gain. Since most pickles are made with Cucumber in the west, lectins are in huge numbers. Cucumber seeds are filled with this compound and this can very much cause weight gain in no time. This is the main reason why Pickles are not considered keto. But then, what is the actual fact? Let us get into it now.

Bottom Line: Are Pickles Keto?


if you don’t use cucumber seeds then Pickles are definitely Keto. Just throw out the seeds from the cucumber and then pickle it. You should be good to go after it.