Irish Car Bomb Recipe | An Offensive Name

The Irish Car Bomb is a classic drink that you can enjoy at bars and pubs around the world. Due to the history behind the name, many bartenders prefer other names like the Irish Slammer or the Irish Bomb Shot. We recommend you also use one of these alternatives while asking for this drink. Some … Read more

Lemon Macaron Recipe

Lemon Macaron is one of the best Macaron dishes that you can eat in Spring. It is made with a Shell which is almost like a waffle/biscuit and it is filled with different flavors. The commonly used flavor, as you might have guessed, is lemon vanilla. Thus, the name Lemon Macaron Lemon Macaron is a … Read more

Chocolate Macaron Recipe

Macarons were invented in France and they were consumed by the royals initially. Later, the dish became available to everyone. There are many kinds of macarons with different flavors the core idea remains the same. The macaron is basically a cookie/waffle/biscuit that is filled with some creamy flavor. It is a homemade cream biscuit! Today … Read more

Lemon Drop Shot Recipe | 3 Ways to Make at Home

Lemon Drop Shots might be the first shots for many of us. This classic drink is so easy to prepare and tastes so fresh. The tanginess of the lemon and the sweetness of the sugar mix so well. And the best part is, The recipe is so simple that you’ll prepare the drink in mere … Read more

Sex on the Beach Recipe

Sex on the beach is a simple summer drink (apart from its name). It’s one of those classic drinks that never goes wrong. While the name might sound a bit extra, This cocktail is all you need to impress your buddies with very little ingredients. Most of them are readily available! So, let’s kick things … Read more