Venison Roast Recipe

venison roast

There are many good things about wild meat. First, they are very juicy, tasty, and extremely filling. They are healthy as the fat content is minimum and they are laced with proteins. The downside is that they take time to make and most wild meat recipes are complicated Venison, on the other hand,  is deer …

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Sake Bomb Cocktail Recipe Also Known As Sake Bomber

sake bomb shot recipe

Whether it’s to celebrate an occasion or simply enjoy with friends, you can’t go wrong the Sake Bomb. If you see a group of people trying this drink together, you know there will be a lot of fun. Who would have thought the mixing beer with sake would be such a great combo?! It’s cheap …

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Kamikaze Shot Recipe

Kamikaze shots are one of the most popular Vodka shots out there. This strong yet sour (tart) drink is sure to get the party going. People love the extra punch that this drink carries. You find people asking for their 3rd shot or even more. We suggest staying within your threshold. Kamikaze shots easily make …

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