Is Pickle Keto Friendly In 2022?

The question of Pickles being Keto is very debatable. There are two main thoughts in it with no middle ground. The first one being that Pickles are very much keto. And the other one is that they are not keto. The difference between these two opinions is because of the ingredients involved. Let us dissect … Read more

Is Bai Flavored Water Keto Friendly?

The main food items that you need to avoid while on a Keto Diet are drinks such as soda, ice teas, sweet coffee, chocolate drinks, sugary drinks, and even drinks with trans fat. This can cause a real craving for these drinks and sometimes, you need a refreshing drink to help you out after a … Read more

Is Almond Milk Keto Friendly?

Almond milk is definitely one of the most popular milk products in the world. A lot of vegans like almond milk and even people who eat dairy products can find it a lot better. It has low calories and an almond flavor which makes it pretty tasty. The process of making almond milk is also … Read more

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Keto Friendly?

Vinegar by nature has tons of acetic acid and apple cider vinegar contains most of it. Traditional white-colored vinegar is actually a weak acetic acid. Apple Cider vinegar just has the apple flavor to it. It can be used as a dressing for salad, preparing meat, and a whole lot of other things. But is … Read more