Kamikaze Shot Recipe

Kamikaze shots are one of the most popular Vodka shots out there. This strong yet sour (tart) drink is sure to get the party going.

People love the extra punch that this drink carries. You find people asking for their 3rd shot or even more. We suggest staying within your threshold.

Kamikaze shots easily make first-timers drunk; even experienced drinkers! But don’t worry; 1 or 2 shots won’t do anything.

If you want to enjoy a few shots at home with your partner or friends, yo

We’ve come up with the best Kamikaze shot recipe that’s super easy, quick, and will taste as good as they serve at bars. Or even better!

If you’re ready, let’s begin the recipe!


Kamikaze shots use only a handful of ingredients that are easily available! You’ll need:

  1. A shaker
  2. A regular shot glass
  3. Clear Vodka (Absolut works great)
  4. Orange Liqueur
  5. Fresh lime juice

Some people prefer lemon over lime while others like using flavored Vodka. If you don’t have some ingredients available, you can be a bit flexible.
But remember, most bars serve these shots with regular Vodka and lime juice.

Also, you can use Curaçao or Triple Sec for the Orange Liqueur, depending on what’s available.


The recipe for the Kamikaze bomb is quite simple; all you need to gather the ingredients in one place.

Once you’re ready, pour about 1 oz. Vodka, 0.75 oz. Orange Liqueur and a bit of lime juice (as per taste) in the shaker. Some people add ice cubes to the mixture which may affect the taste. However, if you like ice in your drink, go for it.

Shake the mixer for a few minutes and there you have it, the Kamikaze bomb is ready.

Strain it into a shot glass and enjoy!

There are people who love to bite on a lime wedge after drinking this shot. If you want to try that, feel free to try it. It’s all about enjoying the moment.

Kamikaze Shot Recipe

Kamikaze Bomb – Tips

  1. You can add chilled Vodka instead of ice cubes. It prevents your drink from tasting bland.
  2. Juice squeezed from fresh limes works best. You can opt for lime juice available at supermarkets as well.
  3. You can tweak the quantities of ingredients you use in this drink. If you want a stronger shot, you can use a bit more Vodka with a hint of lime juice.


This Kamikaze Bomb recipe is sure to impress your friends at parties and get-togethers. It’s the perfect party-starter!

Make sure you don’t go overboard with this drink. Drink safe and enjoy! Cheers!