Irish Car Bomb Recipe | An Offensive Name

The Irish Car Bomb is a classic drink that you can enjoy at bars and pubs around the world.

Due to the history behind the name, many bartenders prefer other names like the Irish Slammer or the Irish Bomb Shot. We recommend you also use one of these alternatives while asking for this drink.

Some of you might have already tried this classic while others might be looking for the recipe.

If you’re looking for the recipe for this famous Irish drink, you’re at the right place!

But remember,

There are a few things to keep in mind while drinking the Irish Slammer. Make sure to read till the end where we’ve shared some important tips.

Let’s get right into the recipe!


The recipe is quite simple but make sure you have all the ingredients required for this Irish drink. As the name suggests, most of the ingredients are Irish.

To prepare the Irish slammer (classic version), you’ll need:

  • A regular shot glass
  • A tall pint glass
  • Guinness stout
  • Baileys Irish Cream
  • Jameson Irish Whiskey

If you want to experience the real taste of this Irish drink, make sure you don’t substitute the original ingredients with something else. Experimenting with different types of whiskey or beer may not taste as good as the real thing.

Irish Car Bomb – Preparation

Take your shot glass and pour in some Baileys Irish Cream. After that, take the Jameson Whiskey and top it over the cream.

Once you prepare the shot, take the tall pint glass and pour the Guinness stout. We recommend waiting for the foam to settle down.

Then, take the shot glass and drop it inside the Guinness stout. Drink immediately!

Irish Car Bomb – Tips

  1. This classic Irish drink tends to curdle if you don’t drink it immediately. In a few minutes is enough to create a reaction between the beer and the cream. Trust us, drinking the curdled drink doesn’t feel that great.
  2. Make sure you’re careful while drinking drop-shots like the Irish Slammer. There have been incidents where the shot glass has cracked the teeth of careless drinkers.
  3. If you want the drink to look appealing, make sure you use an unprinted, untextured pint glass. The plain ones work best.

irish car bomb recipe

Irish Car Bomb – About the Name

There are many bars and pubs around the world that find the name “Irish Car Bomb” pretty offensive. Some places even ask you to leave when you use this name.


It’s because of the history behind it. The name can be an offensive reference to the car bombings in Northern Ireland. So, we highly recommend using alternatives like Irish Slammer.

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The Irish Car Bomb is an ideal choice for those who want to try something new. With this recipe, you can enjoy this amazing d

Make sure you drink it as fast as you can and don’t let the beverage curdle. Cheers!