Liquid Marijuana Shot Recipe

Liquid Marijuana shot is not your regular cocktail; it’s the perfect drink to get you all tipsy! This drink is a beauty to the eye and the soul. The freshness of the sweet, fruity, yet strong drink makes everything right. And remember, the liquid marijuana shot does NOT have real marijuana! It’s just a name. … Read more

Sake Bomb Cocktail Recipe Also Known As Sake Bomber

Whether it’s to celebrate an occasion or simply enjoy with friends, you can’t go wrong the Sake Bomb. If you see a group of people trying this drink together, you know there will be a lot of fun. Who would have thought the mixing beer with sake would be such a great combo?! It’s cheap … Read more

Kamikaze Shot Recipe

Kamikaze shots are one of the most popular Vodka shots out there. This strong yet sour (tart) drink is sure to get the party going. People love the extra punch that this drink carries. You find people asking for their 3rd shot or even more. We suggest staying within your threshold. Kamikaze shots easily make … Read more

Jager Bomb Shot Recipe

Jager bomb is one of the most famous drinks of all time. Finding a bar or pub that doesn’t sell this classic drink is difficult because it’s a crowd favorite. This classic drink is notorious for making people really drunk. Some people drink way too much and end up blaming the drink. So, if you … Read more

Lemon Drop Shot Recipe | 3 Ways to Make at Home

Lemon Drop Shots might be the first shots for many of us. This classic drink is so easy to prepare and tastes so fresh. The tanginess of the lemon and the sweetness of the sugar mix so well. And the best part is, The recipe is so simple that you’ll prepare the drink in mere … Read more