Cement Mixer Shot Recipe

One of the weirdest drinks ever, the Cement Mixer Shot, is famous because it’s disgusting.Yes, you read that right. Some people use this drink as a perfect prank. This drink tends to curdle up inside the drinker’s mouth and ends up sticking to their teeth. The texture is so weird that some people might even … Read more

Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot

Some drinks are a pleasure to the eyes, while some drinks look something straight out of a horror movie. Alien Brain Hemorrhage shots are among the 2nd options. Just by the looks and the preparation of this drink, anyone will agree that the inventor of this drink was quite a creative person. We can guarantee … Read more

Jolly Rancher Shot Recipe

Jolly Rancher shots are one of the most popular candy-based shots you can try. There are many other drinks where people mix candies with their shots and cocktails. Although this sounds a bit weird, adding such candies can a particular flavor and texture to your drink. On top of that, You don’t get to know … Read more

Malibu Bay Breeze Recipe

Some drinks are must-haves for party nights, while others are perfect for casual occasions. Malibu Bay Breeze is among the latter ones. This cocktail is one of the most undemanding drink that almost anyone can make. It takes a matter of minutes to prepare and is so refreshing that you’ll ask for another one. No … Read more

White Gummy Bear Shot Recipe

The White Gummy Bear shot is not a very old drink. Yet, it has gained quite a lot of popularity recently. This drink tastes good and is extremely easy to prepare. In short, its the perfect party starter! Mixing a toffee with your beverage might sound a bit outlandish. But, the combo of gummy bears, … Read more