Is Cool Whip Keto Friendly In 2022?

Cool Whip is a variation of Whipped cream. It’s basically branded whipped cream. We all know how largely whipped cream is consumed in the world. So, a lot of people have this question that whether whipped cream is fully keto or not.

Well, today we are going to be answering the question. It can be a bit tricky though. The short answer is No, Cool Whip isn’t keto-friendly. But there are some conditions when it can be consumed while you are on a diet. Let us just get into it.

cool whip

Ingredients and Nutrients

Cool Whip is made with cream and artificial flavors. It is very low in carbs so, it must be keto right? Well, the main culprit that makes this food item non-keto is the sugar level. More on that later. In terms of carbs, the cool whip has 2 to 3 grams of carbs which is very less. In terms of nutrients, the cool whip has a good supply of vitamin D and natural fats. It is made sweet with corn syrup and this is the main reason why the food is not keto.

Sugar Level

Cool Whip is made sweet with high fructose corn syrup. It is not an ingredient that helps with ketosis. 1 serving of cool whip has around 9 grams of sugar. Every once in a while, this is fine but you don’t want to eat this level of sugar daily. You get 1.5 grams of fat, 2/3 grams of carbs, and 0 grams of protein with the item.

How to make unsweetened Cool Whip?

You can reduce the amount of sugar by using natural Whipped cream. Here’s how to do it: Mix heavy whipping cream, Vanilla essence, and a Keto friendly sweetener, mix it properly with a blender or just whip it with your hands and there you are. A perfectly sweet and consumable coop whip!

Bottom Line: Is cool whip keto?

Unsweetened Whipped Cream is definitely keto but the cool whip is in NO way, Keto.& nbsp; It is high in fructose so, better to stay away from it. You can definitely eat like once a month but not more than that!