Cement Mixer Shot Recipe

One of the weirdest drinks ever, the Cement Mixer Shot, is famous because it’s disgusting.
Yes, you read that right.

Some people use this drink as a perfect prank. This drink tends to curdle up inside the drinker’s mouth and ends up sticking to their teeth. The texture is so weird that some people might even gag while trying it.


But that’s the reason why this shot is so popular. If you’re really willing to try this drink, it’s a great idea to gulp it down as quickly as possible. Keeping it in your mouth can cause the drink to curdle, which is not the ideal way to start any drinking session.

If you’re looking for the Cement Mixer Shot recipe, look no further.


The Cement Mixer recipe asks for just two ingredients:

  1. Lime Juice
  2. Irish Cream

Yes, that’s all you need. The real deal about this shot is in the preparation and during the drinking process.

We recommend you go with Bailey’s Irish Cream as it’s readily available and works great in this recipe. You can use fresh lime juice or the store-bought version; it doesn’t matter.


Take a shot glass (a larger one if possible) and pour in about 0.5 oz Irish Cream or till it’s half full. Then, slowly add equal or

Now, take the shot, but DON’T DRINK IT! Here’s the main part.

Now, shake your head or swirl the mixture inside your mouth. The two liquids cause a reaction, causing the whole drink to curdle and harden. And there you have it, the classic Cement Mixer Shot.

Cement Mixer Shot – Tips

  1. We don’t recommend this drink to anyone who has digestive issues or has gags when trying out weird and new food textures.
  2. If you happen to spit it all out, it’s wise to take a bit of water and rinse your mouth.
  3. This drink becomes harder as time passes. Once you feel like you can no longer hold it in your mouth, swallow it quickly.
  4. You can use lime cordial instead of lime juice.


The Cement Mixture shot is not a drink for everyone. Some people like the thrill of it, while others may take it as a bit of a prank.

But whatever you do, it’s a terrible idea to try this drink if you have digestive issues or a weak stomach. Also, people who have just started drinking should avoid drinking the cement mixer shot.

Always remember to drink safely and drink responsibly. Cheers!