Is Bai Flavored Water Keto Friendly?

The main food items that you need to avoid while on a Keto Diet are drinks such as soda, ice teas, sweet coffee, chocolate drinks, sugary drinks, and even drinks with trans fat. This can cause a real craving for these drinks and sometimes, you need a refreshing drink to help you out after a long day. And yes, you can definitely drink unsweetened coffee and tea while you are on a  Keto diet, they can also get boring quick.

Thankfully, we have flavored water from a company called Bai and this is an increasingly popular low-calorie option that you might want to try. But is this drink keto-friendly? Let us find out today.

Ingredients and Nutrients

Antioxidants are substances that prevent cell damage with the help of free radicals (molecules produced by the body). Bai drinks are generally filled with antioxidants.

Six ounces of this flavored water as 1 gram of Antioxidant which is very good for the body. In addition, flavored water has caffeine, no carbs, and no protein. It will feel refreshed and energetic. There are also different fruit flavors to try here so, that is always great. The fruit flavors include orange, coconut, peaches, and more.

Sugar Level

As we have concluded, Bai drinks have no carbs whatsoever but what about sugar? The bai drinks are a bit sweet so, how is it keto-friendly? Well, the answer to that comes from the plant-based natural sweetener. The natural sweetener used in the drink is Stevia which gets it, sweetness, from compounds that the body cannot metabolize.

This means that there is literally zero calories in the product. Alongside Stevia, the Bai products also have Erythritol which is a natural sugar alcohol. This compound is found in fruits and it is used as a substitute for common sugar and is even used as a texture enhancer. Erythritol is unique and it is sweet but it doesn’t have any calories since the body cannot absorb the compound.

Bottom Line: Is Bai Flavored Water Keto Friendly?

Yes, B ai flavored water is definitely keto-friendly. Since this tasty flavored water has sugar compounds that the body cannot absorb, there is no way of gaining any calories from it. So, yeah it is safe to say that the Bai flavored water is definitely keto-friendly.