Is Almond Milk Keto Friendly?

Almond milk is definitely one of the most popular milk products in the world. A lot of vegans like almond milk and even people who eat dairy products can find it a lot better. It has low calories and an almond flavor which makes it pretty tasty.

The process of making almond milk is also pretty easy. It is made by grinding soaked almonds and then filtering the juice from the solids. The juice is the actual milk. But

, Is almond milk keto-friendly? Let us see now.

Ingredients and Nutrients

Almond Milk Keto


, the main ingredient in an Almond Milk is Almond and Water. In terms of nutrients, almond milk has a lot of Vitamin E and magnesium. You also get an ample supply of Calcium as well as Vitamin D. Plant-based milk is also very low in trans fat so, the amount of carbs in almond milk is almost negligible.

The milk is also pretty high in protein. In terms of Almond milk’s keto property, the unsweetened almond milk is definitely keto. On a standard diet, Carb intake should be minimum, any diet with Almond milk is definitely less in carbs so, it can be considered keto.

Sugar Level

When Almond milk is not sweetened, it contains around 1.4 grams of carbs per 1 cup. It also contains calcium and Vitamin E which makes it a perfect keto diet. You can add sugar into the milk though and if you like your keto diet sweet, the carbs are increased. We advise you not to drink sugary almond milk.

Bottom Line: Is Almond Milk Keto Friendly?

The question is a bit tricky. Yes, unsweetened almond milk is 100% keto-friendly. In terms of sweet almond milk, it depends on the amount of sugar and how much is your consumption. You can reduce the carb level by simply substituting sugar with honey. But still, we recommend you to drink unsweetened almond milk.