Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot

Some drinks are a pleasure to the eyes, while some drinks look something straight out of a horror movie. Alien Brain Hemorrhage shots are among the 2nd options.

Just by the looks and the preparation of this drink, anyone will agree that the inventor of this drink was quite a creative person. We can guarantee that you’ll impress a lot of people while making this at your next party.

And the great thing about this shot is that anyone can make it!

Yes, you read that right.

Even if you’re a beginner, preparing this drink is not a big deal if you have the right ingredients. On top of that, our step by step recipe will help you create the perfect shot to impress all your mates.

So, why wait? Let’s start making some shots!!!


As this drink is all about appearance, you’ll have to make sure to collect a few specific ingredients to master this shot. For this recipe, you’ll need:

  1. A regular shot glass
  2. Peach Schnapps
  3. Blue Curacao
  4. Irish Cream
  5. Grenadine

Once you have all these ingredients, you’re halfway through the recipe. All you need to do is know how to prepare this shot.


This is the part where you need to be extra careful. If you want your drink to look as creepy as the real version, you’ll need to add the ingredients in the right order.

First, take the shot glass and fill it up to 60% with Peach Schnapps (about 0.6 oz is ideal if you have a 1 oz shot glass). Now, take the Irish Cream and gently pour it over the Peach Schnapps so that it floats on top. Use about 0.2 oz Irish Cream.

This step is essential to create the perfect looking Alien Brain Hemorrhage. You can use a knife or a spoon to control the pour to make sure the Cream floats on top.

Now, pour some Blue Curacao to the mixture and complete the drink with a dash of grenadine.

And there you have it, the creepy yet famous Alien Brain Hemorrhage shot!

Alien Brain Hemorrhage – Tips

  • Chilling the Peach Schnapps and Irish Cream enhances the flavor.
  • You can use Bailey Irish Cream and Splash Grenadine as they’re readily available.
  • Finally, make sure to take a picture of this alien masterpiece.


The Alien Brain Hemorrhage shot is not the typical drink you’d see every day. It looks creepy and is the perfect companion for Halloween or any other scary-themed party.

But don’t go for the looks. This drink tastes amazing and is sure to get the party started! Cheers!