Is the 5-Hour Energy Shot Keto Friendly?

Extra Strength is one of the best energy drink manufacturers. The flagship 5-hour energy shot by this company has zero carbohydrates. This means that if you are on a Ketogenic diet, you can definitely include the drink as a part of your diet without any problem.

One problem that this energy drink does have is the greater amount of artificial sweeteners that are present in it. But we will get into that later. First, let us see the actual ingredients of this drink.

Ingredients and Nutrients

Regular Strength 5-Hour Energy

In terms of ingredients, the energy drink is made with natural fruit extracts, vitamins, and minerals. The shots are high in a food product called niacin and there are vitamin B supplements here as well.  The drink also contains 30 times more vitamin  B6 which will support your cardio health. The level of Vitamin B12 is also considerably high here. The drink can help patients who have fatigue and are low on energy.

This food item may not be as filled with nutrients as green veggies or properly cooked meat

Sugar Level

In terms of the Sugar level, the main ingredient that sweetens the 5-hour energy shot is sucralose which is common keto-friendly alcohol. This sweet syrup is pretty great and it is also approved by the FDA. Studies have shown that Sucralose acts differently in different people. Sometimes the sugar can cause a negative reaction as well if you are on a Keto diet. But most of the time

Bottom Line: Is the 5-Hour Energy Shot Keto Friendly?

The straight answer to this question would be a solid yes. The 5-hour energy shot is an incredibly keto-friendly drink that can help you out if you are on a keto diet right now.