As a first generation Chinese-American, Vicki Fan was often lured to the kitchen of her parent's New York apartment by the exotic smells of the cuisine of their homeland. United Nations' employees, Mr. and Mrs. Fan frequently found themselves playing hosts/chefs to dignitaries, diplomats and friends from around the world, with the sous chef support of their two children. For Vicki, a love for cooking and entertaining was born.

Graduating from Bucknell University, Vicki continued to harbor a strong desire to pursue her passion for food and hospitality. Unsure of which path to follow, she soon found herself employed at the New York Hilton and Towers in the Front Office. Vicki was happy with her promotion into the management level at the hotel and yet she felt as if she had taken a turn leading away from her true goal, cooking. Finally, after much consultation and contemplation, she was accepted to train at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park.

Regarded by her instructors and peers as an excellent academic and team leader, Vicki was presented with the Katherine Angell Award for Scholastic Achievement. Graduating with honors, she had her choice of training with some of the top chefs in the culinary hotbeds of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Intrigued by the new style of cuisines being developed out west, she packed her knives and headed to California where she worked with such highly regarded chefs as Bradley Ogden, Joe Miller and her eventual husband, Kazuto Matsusaka.

Since their wedding in 1996, Kazuto and Vicki have been fortunate enough to spend time together both at home and at work. They have lived in Paris, where they worked together opening hot-spot Buddhabar, and then New York, working together as Co-Executive Chefs at Larry Forgione's Restaurant Above.

Returning back to Los Angeles, Vicki is eagerly anticipating their project, Beacon, an asian cafe, a casual yet upscale restaurant of their own.